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Continuous Provision Nurturing Well-being and Resilience for all Staff Baby Room Leader

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Online Safety in Early Years
Gives practitioners a range of strategies and ideas on how to develop and support online safety with children, staff and parents, with an in-depth audit to help develop and improve practice in this area.
Supporting Staff Well-being in the Early Years Workforce
Enables managers and early years leaders to understand the importance of supporting well-being in their workforce and the benefits this brings.
Embedding the Four Purposes (Wales)
Explore the New Curriculum for Wales 2022 and the reasons for change within education in Wales, what those changes are, how they affect the early years sector and how to prepare for curriculum reform.
Induction Framework (Wales)
Provides guidance on how to complete a robust, positive induction. Includes the impact inductions have on your individual employees and team efficiency and the quality of service provided.

What our customers say

"The course could be completed flexibly, in my own time and when it was convenient with my schedule in nursery. I could take a break and return to the training material and my progress was saved.”
"Audio and video clips enhanced the learning experience. This helped me to retain the information.”
"The Development Zone is well-structured and makes the courses simple to follow.”
"The course is interactive with different quizzes and activities throughout. This allowed me to reflect and test my knowledge as I went along.”
"The resources provided will help me to implement changes in my setting immediately.”

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