Welcome to NDNA’s Maths Champions programme. The aim of this innovative online programme is to improve practice in supporting maths across the whole setting, providing children with the best possible start in their mathematical development and building the confidence and skills of practitioners.

The programme includes access to a range of bespoke online training, evaluative tools and resources all of which are in one convenient place for you to access and use to raise children’s maths attainment in your setting.

 Programme Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify and develop a wide range of quality teaching methods to support children’s mathematical attainment
  2. Identify and develop the resources and experiences offered within the environment to support children’s mathematical exploration
  3. Enhance staffs understanding and confidence levels in supporting and teaching maths to young children
  4. Access the programmes online training, evaluative tools and resources bank to support and develop maths within the setting
  5. Increase the progress children are making with regard to their mathematical confidence and understanding.

Step 1, Step 2, Step 3

This section contains the 9 step programme for you to work through.

The programme begins with you evaluating your current practice to enable you to measure the impact and improvements resulting from your participation in the Maths Champions programme. We then move on to providing you as a Maths Champion with bespoke online training and resources to enhance and underpin your current knowledge in order for you to support the development of your team.

 This section includes:

  • Support to track focused children in your setting, completing an assessment entering the programme and an assessment at the end of the programme to measure impact on children’s attainment
  • Bespoke online training to enhance and consolidate your current knowledge giving you the underpinning information you need to support staff and children to improve outcomes
  • Staff confidence audit tools to help you to evaluate how your team feel about supporting and teaching maths in the setting and how this is enhanced through participation  
  • Learning environment audit tools to help you to evaluate how well your setting environment is designed to support children with maths and to assess and enhance the resources you provide for children to support their maths exploration
  • Action plans to record key priorities, area’s for development and the on-going improvements and impact made as you work through the programme
  • A reflective learning journal to capture the amazing moments of your journey
  • A case study to showcase something you have achieved and are really proud of as a result of participating in the programme which can be celebrated

During this time we will provide you with one to one support, ensuring you get the most out of being involved in the programme. 

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Resources Grid Images

This section will become available once you have completed the core activities.  

The resource section includes:

•  Activity ideas for all ages of children covering all aspects of maths through play 
•  Resources to support home learning opportunities
•  Webinars on key topics (both pre-recorded and live sessions)
•  Support for areas identified through your audit tools 
•  Research and information relating to maths in the early years and links to external best practice 
•  Different approaches to teaching maths in the early years, e.g. STEM and Numicon 

During this time you will be able to network with other Maths Champions through the Maths Champion closed Facebook group as well as ongoing personalised 1-1 support from the Lead Maths Champion at NDNA when you need to take it.

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