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As part of our ongoing support for nurseries, NDNA offer Literacy Champions - a programme designed to improve staff skills and confidence, and thereby provide the best early years literacy support.

We run the programme in partnership with the Department for Education (DfE), who want to support practitioners in gaining the necessary skills for providing positive early literacy experiences for children.

When you become a Literacy Champion, you'll be helping your team to build confidence, knowledge and understanding in early literacy.  You'll be the driving force behind your setting's activities towards good literacy outcomes, including action planning and implementing improvements, all in collaboration with your team to create the right enabling environment.

As part of the programme, we provide a range of support tools - from audit tools to activity ideas, and social media groups to diagnostic tools such as BKSB, all you need to become a Literacy Champion is here!

Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify different teaching strategies for engaging children’s literacy across all ages and stages of development
  2. Evaluate your own provision in order to create an enabling environment for maximising literacy across all areas of learning
  3. Access the programme’s resource bank to support and develop literacy for children and staff
  4. Increase the progress all children are making in literacy, with a specific focus on supporting boys
  5. Develop staff confidence in teaching all aspects of literacy, reading, writing and phonics
  6. Expand your own  literacy skills with an individualised learning programme

Available Products

Number of topics: 11

If you're a Literacy Champion, this is the place to go for all your programme information and training resources.  

Press the button below to access the programme.

Note: If it's your first time accessing the programme, you'll need to enter the enrolment key provided to you on registration.


Number of topics: 20

This section provides Early Years Professionals (EYPs), working on the Literacy Champions project, with ideas for activities in your setting. As each setting is different, and each child is individual, it is important to take these activity ideas and make them your own. Use your own environment and resources and include children’s individual needs and interests into the activities.

We would like this resource area to continue to grow, so please spend some time taking photographs or videos of your own activities and compiling a little information to support the other Literacy Champions to have a go at your wonderful ideas.

Please send your resources to where we will upload this onto the resources area with reference to your nursery.

Press the enter button below and type the code provided in the registration email from NDNA.