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Welcome to NDNA’s Maths Champions Programme. This innovative online approach supports all aspects of Maths in your early years setting including improving the confidence levels of your team and reducing the fear of learning, understanding and teaching maths.

The programme includes a wide range of resources all of which are in one convenient place to enable you to demonstrate how the setting provides for provision which improves outcomes for maths across the children in your setting. This unique programme that has received commendation from Ofsted at provider inspections will help you to provide the support to staff and sustain improvement across the your provision.
Learning Objectives
  1. Identify different teaching methods for different ages and stages of children in maths through the programmes online courses and webinars
  2. Examine the benefits of continuous provision in supporting mathematical development and assess what is needed to create an enabling environment for maximising maths potential
  3. Access the programme’s resource bank to support and develop maths with the early years children
  4. Improve the adult interactions with children, the resources you offer and the environment in the setting
  5. Increase the progress children are making in maths
  6. Enhance staff confidence levels in teaching maths to young children
  7. Improve staff’s own maths skills and confidence using external skills based programmes

The programme starts with you evaluating your current practice to enable you to measure the impact and sustained improvement the Maths Champions Programme has provided. We then move on to providing you as a Maths Champion with the online training you need to be able to support the development of your team, this includes helping you to assess the levels of team member’s maths skill and confidence to enable the setting as a whole to become confident with maths in both delivering maths through play and in practitioner’s personal lives.
eLearning Awards
Bronze Award Winner 2015

Step 1, Step 2, Step 3The first part of the programme is to help you evaluate where you are starting from. This will enable you to measure the impact of the programme and demonstrate sustained improvement.

This section includes:

• Staff confidence audit tools to help you to evaluate how your team feel about maths
• Evaluative practice and impact measurement online training course to help you to develop your skills as Maths Champion in assessing where you are currently working at and how to move forwards
• Train the Trainer course – based on the PTLLS principles to support you to mentor and support your staff team through the programme
• Audit tools to evaluate your current practice, the environment, the resources and the interactions you currently have with the children
• Skills assessments for the team and you as Maths Champion to help evaluate the level of maths you are all currently operating at
• Support to track the children in your setting and do a baseline assessment entering the programme to measure impact on children’s outcomes

During this time we will be providing you with support, and once you have completed the audit tools we will generate you individual action plans which will help you to focus the next stage of the programme in order to get the best outcomes.

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Resources Grid ImagesThis section will become available once you have completed the audits and diagnostics and evaluated your starting points across your provision as this is an essential part of being able to measure the impact the programme has on your early years setting.

The resource section includes:

•  300 activity ideas for all ages of children covering all aspects of maths through play
•  Home learning opportunities linked to most activities
•  Webinars on key topics (both pre-recorded and live sessions)
•  300 Resources to support team development in their own maths skills and knowledge
•  Support for areas identified through your audit tools
•  Research and information relating to maths in the early years and links to external best practice
•  Different approaches to teaching maths in the early years, e.g. STEM and Numicon
•  Extended opportunities for the programme through action research projects

You will also be able to access free online training courses, including Maths in the Early Years designed to support you and your team with early maths activity ideas, planning the environment and supporting all ages, stages and individualised needs of the children you support in your provision.

During this time you will be able to network with other Maths Champions through the Maths Champion closed Facebook group as well as ongoing personalised 1-1 support from the Lead Maths Champion at NDNA when you need to take it.

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