Child playing with abacusThis online course is designed to equip nursery practitioners in England with the knowledge, understanding and skills to successfully support children’s mathematical development in their setting in this specific area of learning.

By the end of this course learners will:

  • Learn the key theories and research relating to mathematical development in young children
  • Understand brain development and cognitive development in young children and how this relates to mathematical development
  • Understand the key areas and aspects of maths and how this relates to learning and development of children in the early years
  • Understand how schematic behaviour in children can be supported and integrated into mathematical learning and development
  • Be able to confidently observe, plan and assess for children’s mathematical development
  • Practical ideas to implement maths in to everyday life incorporating children’s individual learning styles and interests
  • Gain ideas and knowledge about how parents can support maths development in the home environment
  • Identify signs of dyscalculia and how to support children with this condition
  • Understand the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) relating to maths.

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Who should complete this course?
Suitable for all level three qualified and above early years practitioners working with young children in England. It provides background information, research from key theorists and schemas relating to maths. Also included are interactive activities, photographs, videos, handouts and quizzes to embed knowledge which link to practice.

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