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This section will become available once you have completed the core activities.  

The resource section includes:

•  Activity ideas for all ages of children covering all aspects of maths through play 
•  Resources to support home learning opportunities
•  Webinars on key topics (both pre-recorded and live sessions)
•  Support for areas identified through your audit tools 
•  Research and information relating to maths in the early years and links to external best practice 
•  Different approaches to teaching maths in the early years, e.g. STEM and Numicon 

During this time you will be able to network with other Maths Champions through the Maths Champion closed Facebook group as well as ongoing personalised 1-1 support from the Lead Maths Champion at NDNA when you need to take it.

Press the enter button below and type the code provided in the main part of the Maths Champions Programme.