Supporting 2 year olds in the EYFSThis course will support practitioners working with this age group, enabling them to reflect on their current practice, gain further knowledge and skills to meet two year olds’ individual needs. It includes all the underpinning information to support young children’s learning and development including the key person approach, working in partnership with parents, home learning, the role of the adult, an enabling environment and inclusive practice. All these subjects are displayed in an attractive manner and supported with quizzes and games to test practitioners’ understanding.

The importance of play and how to implement the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is discussed throughout the course. The course looks closely at the three prime areas of learning, the characteristics of effective learning and the Development Matters/Early Years Outcomes statements for this age group in great detail. The programme shares information on why observation, assessment and planning is important and supports practitioners in how to use observations to identify children’s learning styles and schemas, in turn using these to plan appropriate experiences in line with children’s individual interests.

The final part of the course looks at the new progress check, including what needs to be included and how practitioners can carry these out effectively.

By the end of this course learners will:

• Be aware of the different learning styles and children’s schemas
• Have a greater understanding of the three prime areas of learning and the importance of supporting communication and language in this age group
• Understand what the integrated review is, what the two year old progress checks are and the requirements under the EYFS.

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Who should complete this course?
This course is primarily aimed at either experienced Level 2 practitioners or practitioners qualified at Level 3 and above. In addition, those currently working with children in this age group or individuals who may wish to work with this age group in the future would benefit from completing the course. This course provides you with three guided learning hours which contributes towards your Continuous Professional Development.